Are Bats Active At Night?

Bat Removal by Wildlife Removal Specialist of Atlanta.

Are Bats active at night? Yes, bats are nocturnal. They stay up all night long. They’re very noisy just like flying squirrels. They typically have 4 to 8 pups, during the summer months. Bats are federally and state protected animals, and should only be removed by a Licensed Nuisance Trapper with the state you reside in. Right now we are offering $50 off any Bat removal service! Call 770-895-6202, to speak with a licensed Trapper, or you can book your appointment below.

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Are squirrels active at night?

Squirrel Removal Offer

Are squirrels active at night? That depends on what type of squirrel your dealing with. Grey Squirrels, are active all day long; starting from dawn till dusk. Flying Squirrels on the other hand are active all night long, and are VERY LOUD. Hope this answered your question. Right now we are currently offering $100.00 off, any Squirrel Removal Service!

Company to remove raccoons from Attic?

Raccoon Removal from Attic

Wildlife Removal Specialist of Atlanta, is Georgia’s premier top rated Wildlife Control Company in Georgia. Our services include raccoon removal, raccoon damage repair, animal proofing your home or building, and raccoon feces Cleanup. ALL of our Trappers are licensed, insured, and Angie’s List certified. For emergencies call, 770-895-6202, to speak with an on-call Trapper. We are currently still offering 50% off our Attic Sanitation Services, s $250.00 value!

When is the best time for bat proofing your home?

Bat Infestation in the Attic

When is the best time for bat proofing you home?

0PThe best time to have your home bat proofed is now, early spring. Bats are roosting at this time and will have their pups in May. Bats are federally and state protected and can not be removed from May until August, when their pups are able to survive at about 6 weeks. We are currently offering an “early bird special”, for all Bat Proofing / Full wildlife Exclusions. Book now, to receive a free attic Sanitation, with the purchase of a full bat Exclusion, a $500.00 value!

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Attic Cleanup and Decontamination Job

Attic Cleanup and Decontamination

Attic Cleaning and Decontamination Services, Atlanta, GA

If you have had a problem with Wildlife or animals in your attic, you are going to need an Attic Cleaning, and Decontamination, due to the numerous diseases that they carry. The picture taken above was performed today by our team of Wildlife Control Experts. We follow OSHA and the CDC guidelines, using commercial grade Decontamination, which we currently have a special on. If you have had issues with rodents, wildlife, or animals in your attic, this is the final step, after you have gotten rid of them, and excluded them from your home.

Wild Animal Entry Point Into Your Home – Attic.


Do you have wild animals / critters entering your home and into your attic? The above picture was taken today, from one of our Wildlife Control Experts. When we come out to complete our inspection, we look for entry points all along your roof line, to determine where the critters are getting in. Sometimes, they’re only getting in one area of your home. If that’s the case, you do not need a full wildlife exclusion, you would only need a partial wildlife exclusion, to seal off that one area. Our trappers are on-call 24/7, and are more than happy to answer any questions that you may have!

Flying Squirrel Damage in the Attic…

Rodent Damage in the Attic. Nuisance Animal identified, Flying Squirrels & Roof Rats.

Do you have damage in the attic from rodents?

Flying Squirrel damage can do a considerable amount of damage to the inside of your attic. Above, is a picture taken today by one of our Trappers. The customer had Flying Squirrels and roof Rats. Both flying squirrels and roof rats love gnawing on everything. This includes anything you have stored in your attic, such as christmas decorations, any covered utility wires, and your boards. For a limited time, we are offering 50% off any attic, crawlspace, or basement sanitation, while supplies last, that’s a $250.00 value!

How are Squirrels getting into my attic?

How are squirrels getting in my attic?

Construction Gap In The Roof line

One way that squirrels and other wild animals can enter your home, is through a construction gap in between your roof line and facia boards. Our team, seals it down with galvanized steel. If your home has flashing, we make certain the flashing is securely screwed down.If your home has gutter guards, we remove and replace all of the gutter guards, however, there is an extra charge for removal and replacement. Along with this, we also seal all gaps cracks, and holes to prevent reentry of the rodents. Below, is one of the techniques, for animal proofing your home.

Animal Proofing, by Wildlife Removal Specialist of Atlanta

Animal Noises In The Attic?

Bat Entry Points

Bat Entry Points

If you hear critter sounds in your attic, you can often identify the type of pest problem you have, based on the type of sounds it makes.

If the noise of the rodent in the attic is at night, it’s probably raccoons, rats, or another nocturnal animal. How about the location of the sound? If it’s in a wall or a very tight space, it’s probably a rodent like rats or mice. What about the volume? The heavier the thumping and walking, the larger the animal, such as a raccoon or opossum. If it’s fast and light scampering, it’s probably a rat or mouse (or squirrel, during the daytime). Below is a description of the sounds of several of the major types of animals that live in attics:

Squirrels: Daytime noise, especially in the morning or evening. Fast scampering, medium volume, usually in the attic, but sometimes the walls, and often the eaves, and vents. Their not as loud with one squirrel when it’s just the first female, but when the young grow large enough, you hear the putter-patter from the babies.

Raccoons: You will mostly hear noises at night. You will hear heavy walking or thumping. If the raccoons are mating, then the adults will actually squeal. A nest of baby raccoons has a very distinctive noises.

Rats: Nigh time only, especially shortly after sunset. Light scurrying and scampering, maybe some scratching. You may also hear fast running up or down the walls.

Mice: Like rats, but a lighter noise. Though in actuality, the acoustics of your home, thickness of walls, presence or lack of insulation has more bearing on volume than animal size.

Bats: They are very quiet, but if there are enough of them, you’ll hear them chirping after sunset.

Flying Squirrels: They are nocturnal, and the sound is a lot like rats, although you’re not likely to hear them in the walls the same as with rats.

Birds: Flapping sounds, and chirping. Most of the sound will be during the daytime.

How do squirrels get into your attic?

How do squirrels get into your attic?Squirrels get into your homes and attics, by chewing round holes threw your siding, soffits, and aluminum or metal flashing. They also get into your home through the Gable vents of the structure. Our Wildlife Control Specialist, seal off all of the entry points, and install a one-way safety exit tunnel to exclude them from your home. Call today, to schedule your free Attic inspection, a $149.00 value!