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Wildlife Removal Specialist of Atlanta is here for you when you need us, 24/7/365, in Atlanta GA. We will solve your Animal Control & Wildlife Removal needs in a professional, humane and affordable way. Wildlife Removal Specialist of Atlanta, is the leader for Rodent Removal, Prevention, and Restoration in Atlanta GA. We are one of the Nation’s largest Wildlife Control companies. Our Licensed Trappers have years of training and stay updated on Nuisance Wildlife Control, with the State of Georgia – Division of DNR. Our Trappers are local in Atlanta, GA, we understand the 24/7 need for Nuisance Wild Animals and are fast and efficient.

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Wildlife & Rodent Removal

Have some unwanted guests? Wildlife Removal Specialist of Atlanta, will help you with non-destructive, species specific animal removal techniques.We have many years of experience servicing a variety of animal removal, and attic restoration needs.

Prevention & Repair

Wildlife Removal Specialist of Atlanta, has many years of experience repairing and preventing wildlife damage in Atlanta, Georgia, and surrounding counties. We provide fast and affordable service in Atlanta GA for all of your Trapping, Wildlife Repairs: Exclusions, Rodent seal-up, and any other Animal or Wildlife needs that you may have.

Pests can cause all kinds of damage, including contaminated air ducts and insulation, wire damage and more. Let us help bring restoration to your property!

Home Restoration

We have many years of decontaminating attic and living spaces in Atlanta, Georgia, and surrounding counties.Wildlife Removal Specialist of Atlanta, is a 2nd Generation – Family Owned & Operated Wildlife Removal Company, servicing the Atlanta Area & surrounding counties, since 1978. Our promise to you, is to provide honest inspections and quality flat rates for your Wildlife & Rodent needs in Atlanta GA. All of our Inspections are No-Charge with No Hidden Fees for Service. Each Inspection will take about an hour, and are very extensive. Our Licensed Trappers conduct an inspection of your roof, walk around the exterior of your Atlanta home, take photos of your attic and/or crawl space diagnosing all entry points – ensuring we put an end to Rodents, in your Atlanta Home.

Recent Pictures- Attic Clean-up

Wildlife Removal Specialist of Atlanta provides full attic cleaning services in the Atlanta Area. Don’t forget this important step in protecting your family from harmful diseases from Nuisance Wildlife animals.

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Attic Decontamination
Services Include

Removal of urine and feces

Removal of urine and fecal stained materials

Treating affected areas with special enzyme based biological decontaminating agents

Treating affected areas with solutions to neutralize the odors.


Regular interval trapping


Decontamination of affected area

Odor Control

Yard Prep

Repair Services

A thorough inspection of the property

The installation of Barriers.
Repairing all possible access points.

Replacing insulation, boards, and clean-up

We are well known in Atlanta for our Rodent Removal & Proofing Solutions,


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Flying Squirrels Removal

Rats/Mice Control

Bat Removal & Deconatmination

Raccoon Trapping

Bee Removal & Control

Birds & Bird Nest Removal & Control

Critter Pest Control Removal and Restoration

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Attic Restoration

Crawl Space Restoration

Wildlife Trapping & Removal


Odor Control

Preventative Maintenance

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Damage from Bats and Bat Feces

Bat Removal Atlanta

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Recent Repair Work – Attic Restoration

Attic Insulation Repair

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