From the Owner:

I started Wildlife Removal Specialist of Atlanta 39 years ago after seeing a need in the Atlanta area for a full service wildlife removal company. We wanted to not only locate the animal entry point and catch the invading animal, but also offer guaranteed repairs of that entry-point utilizing the highest grade materials available. I am very pleased that this has turned into, a family Owned business; in which my son John Griswell now manages – along with Jace Griswell, overseeing the training and hiring of our contractors and Trappers, my wife Theresa runs all of the daily operations.
In addition, we offer clean-up of soiled insulation and animal droppings, removal of animal nesting material and sanitation of affected areas. What we do not do, is try to sell you unneeded services such as pheromone sprays and other phantom products. We only offer what years of experience has shown will work!

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