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Attic restoration is a large part of wildlife removal. Attics are often the target of roof rats, raccoons, squirrels, opossums, birds and bats. While these creatures are living in your attic, they urinate and defecate. The fecal matter can contain harmful parasites, disease, or odors that are dangerous to humans. If not removed not only will they pose a health risk, it will draw other animals back to the site.

Attic Decontamination can only occur after the animal removal is complete. This is a separate service from the Animal Removal process.

Our Attic Restoration and Decontamination Services includes:

Removal of urine and feces

Removal of urine and fecal stained materials

Treating affected areas with special enzyme based biological decontaminating agents

Treating affected areas with solutions to neutralize the odors.

The next step would be, Repairs. These may or may not be included in this particular service. Your Damage Control Specialist will advise you of the measures needed to keep those pesky animals out.

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Wildlife Removal Specialist of Atlanta provides our customers with professional attic restoration services in Atlanta & surrounding areas. Our specialized equipment gets attic restoration jobs done very quickly and professionally. You can trust Animal Pro’s to get the job done right.

If you’ve had animals in your residence, they likely left some unwanted material behind. Animal Pros of Atlanta are experts at identifying the problem in an attic and solving it with proven methods to rid the smell, and to insulate up to state code. This will help save money on heating costs during the winter.

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Professional Attic Restoration Professional Attic Restoration Professional Attic Restoration Professional Attic Restoration
Professional Attic Restoration Professional Attic Restoration Professional Attic Restoration Professional Attic Restoration

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When you’ve had raccoons, bats, birds, or squirrels in your attic, it’s a good idea to consider having an attic restoration job done. These animals can carry harmful disease & parasites in their droppings, which is why you don’t want it inside your house.

Attic Clean up Atlanta GA

Animal waste clean-up and removal is a common service we provide to homeowners, commercial buildings, churches, and other structures around Atlanta Georgia. Many different types of bacteria can develop in animal feces that can be very threatening to human health. Bat guano & Bird waste can cause a disease known as histoplasmosis, while raccoon and other animal’s waste commonly carries round worm eggs, which can cause blindness and Parkinson’s Disease. Clean up and remediation must be done wearing the proper PPE safety equipment to ensure we can get the job done without putting ourselves into harm’s way. Also, homeowners should not inspect their own attic, it’s just not a safe thing to do.

Cost of Attic Restoration Atlanta GA

Attic restoration is priced out from examining many different things about the given attic. The cost is generally measured by square footage of the attic, but price per-square-foot can vary depending on several factors including depth of insulation, accessibility of the attic, amount of droppings covering the attic, and several other things. We go through a checklist of every aspect of the job during inspection. Even if there is not a lot of waste in the attic, some people find it necessary to get everything taken out & replaced, just to be safe. But it’s always up to the customer, we just relay the facts.

Attic Restoration / Attic Clean up Process

The first step in the attic remediation process is to remove any contaminated insulation which may carry bacteria & hazardous animal feces. After everything is sucked out of the attic, we then sanitize to get rid of bad odors, followed by installing new insulation. The process generally takes a full day with a medium sized home, which is pretty quick considering how much insulation is removed.

Bathroom / Fan Vents – Don’t turn them on

If you have an animal infestation in your attic, especially raccoons, you may want to consider not running your bathroom fan vent (such as the one you would turn on for a shower) because raccoons will tear open the air ducts to these vents if they run through the attic, causing insulation particles that carry the bacteria or round worm eggs to come through the vent and into living quarters. You do not want to take any chances and somehow breath that material into your lungs, so that is a small bit of advice we give.

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