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“Our Wildlife Control Experts Gets Rid of  Those Pesky Critters for Good”

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Rated Top Wildlife Experts In Atlanta, for keeping the Critters Out For Good ~ Known In Atlanta, Georgia For Always Honoring Our Warranty, Providing Free Attic Inspections ($149.00 Value), Rodent Proofing Your Home Like Fort Knox, Attic Cleanings, Insulation Replacement, and Our Special Patented Formula, For Attic Sanitation & Deodorizing!


Posted November 01, 2019

Are Rats getting into your basement & crawlspace? If your home isn’t rodent proofed, the answer is probably yes. This is do to the recent spike in cold temperatures, in Atlanta, Georgia. Unlike other pest control companies, we don’t have to use poisons and charge you monthly – FOREVER! We  rodent proof your home in it’s entirely! Say goodbye to rats, and schedule your appointment online today! Book Online







Posted October 29, 2019

Flying Squirrel in the attic.

Flying Squirrels – You’ll Hear Noises In The Attic All Night Long

What Noises am I Hearing In The Attic In October? The answer is more than likely Flying Squirrels. This picture was taken last week in Lawrenceville, GA. You will hear flying squirrels all night long – like they’re having a party!