Hearing Squirrel Noises In The Attic?

A closeup f a flying squirrel

Hearing Squirrel Noises In The Attic?

Squirrel Removal & Control Experts in Metro Atlanta, GA. On-Call Licensed Nuisance Trappers, for Emergency Squirrel Removal Services, call 770-895-6202. Squirrels in the Attic? Grey Squirrels & Flying Squirrels, are now nesting, and have more than likely made a home for their young, in your attic. Are you hearing noises in your attic early in the morning? The young are born in the burrow and grow rapidly (gestation is only 4 weeks), causing havoc and damage in your home, and Attic. If the squirrel infestation is not handled promptly, the squirrels will work their way into the ceilings, and down your walls. You must have them Trapped, removed, and excluded from your home –  to prevent further damage to your insulation, electrical wires, and boards. We are a Full Service Wildlife Control Company, offering animal removal, animal proofing, urine & feces clean-up, attic sanitation, and Insulation Replacement!

Currently offering 10 percent off all Full Wildlife Exclusions, up to a 250.00 Value!!! Schedule your Free Home Inspection today. 404-640-0169

Squirrel Removal

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