How to Handle Flying Squirrels in The Attic

How to Handle Flying Squirrels in Your Attic: A Comprehensive Guide, from Wildlife Removal Specialist of Atlanta.

Discovering that you have unwanted wildlife guests in your attic can be quite unsettling. While most people are familiar with common attic invaders like mice or raccoons, flying squirrels can present unique challenges. In this blog post, we will explore the world of flying squirrels and provide you with practical tips on how we handle them effectively and humanly.

1. Identifying Flying Squirrels:
Before jumping into action, one of our Licensed Nuisance Trappers will confirm if you indeed have flying squirrels in your attic. Our Licensed Trappers are Experts in their distinctive features and behaviors, such as their gliding capabilities and nocturnal habits. Understanding their characteristics helps us make informed decisions during the removal process.

2. Signs of Infestation:
Next, our Licensed Nuisance Trapper will identify signs of flying squirrel infestation in your attic. From gnawed wires to droppings and unusual noises, they are experts in spotting these indicators and differentiate them from other animals that could be in the attic. Early detection is key to preventing further damage and ensuring a swift resolution.

3. Assessing the Situation and Inspection:
Once our Nuisance Trapper has confirmed the presence of flying squirrels, it’s time to assess the severity of the situation. Determine the extent of the infestation, potential entry points, and any structural damage caused by the pests. This information will aid you in formulating an effective action plan.

4. Prevention and Exclusion:
Preventing future infestations is essential. We will install a one-way exit Tunnel, for the flying squirrels to go out on their own. This process takes seven to ten days. At this time we would also complete a full or partial wildlife exclusion on your house or commercial property. We use a special galvanized steel sealing up all entry points. We seal down the structure tight, ensuring the squirrels will not be able to reenter, offering Lifetime Guarantees on all work with a minimal annual renewal fee.

5. Humane Removal Methods:
When it comes to addressing flying squirrel issues, humane removal is our top priority. Our Licensed Nuisance Trappers are trained and use safe and compassionate techniques to evict these furry intruders from your attic. We will provide insights into trapping methods, relocation procedures, and ethical considerations during the removal process.

6. Cleaning and Restoration:
Once your attic is squirrel-free, it’s important to clean up and restore the affected area. Our Licensed Nuisance Trapper will give you a quote on Attic Cleaning and Restoration, if needed in your situation.

Dealing with flying squirrels in your attic can be a challenging undertaking on your own. However, we at Wildlife Removal Specialist of Atlanta are armed with knowledge and the right approach, to get the Flying Squirrels out of your attic, and keep them out for good. Remember, compassion and responsible actions go hand in hand when managing wildlife conflicts.

We hope this comprehensive guide has provided you with valuable insights and practical solutions on how we handle flying squirrels in your attic. Our Licensed Nuisance Trappers will have you well on your way to restoring the peace and quiet in your home. We are currently offering Free Local Inspections. To be added to the schedule, please call 770-895-6202.

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