I have a snake in my house

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I have a snake in my house…

“I have a snake in my house” is a common occurrence in Atlanta Georgia. Wildlife Removal Specialist of Atlanta understands that a snake in your home is an emergency, and offer 24 hour Snake Removal Emergency Services. Wildlife Removal Specialist of Atlanta, are experts in snake trapping, snake removal, and snake control throughout Gwinnett, Hall, Fulton, Dekalb County Georgia, and Surrounding areas.

Wildlife Removal Specialist of Atlanta, understands that a snake in the home is an emergency that cannot wait till the next day. Snake removal is dangerous and should only be done by a trained professional. Georgia’s most dangerous venomous snakes include the eastern Mississauga rattlesnake. These dangerous snakes can cause serious injury even death. Rattlesnakes can get into homes, commercial, and industrial areas of Atlanta. If you encounter a snake you should immediately distance yourself from the snake, if possible, keep visual contact on the snake, and call Animal Pro’s of Atlanta to remove the snake from your home or business. We specialize in:

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A common reaction to a snake regardless whether it be in your home or on your property is to kill it whether or not it poses a risk or not. However, the fact is that most snakes in the local area are harmless and even the dangerous ones would rather flee than fight. Once we begin to learn about snakes, we can replace our fears and misconceptions with facts. Once understood we can then appreciate the important role snakes have on the Atlanta, GA. You should never attempt to kill a snake this could lead to a dangerous snake bite.

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