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Need Wildlife Exclusion Services?

Important exclusion Wildlife exclusion doesn’t just solve your current animal problem; it prevents future problems, too. Nesting and burrowing animals tend to return to the same sites year after year if given the opportunity. Exclusion helps make sure that doesn’t happen, ensuring your property stays protected from wildlife problems long-term.

If wildlife removal treats the symptoms of a wildlife infestation, then exclusion is the cure. It prevents future costly damage and because it prevents rodents from having to be trapped in the first place, it is the most humane solution. Wildlife Removal Specialist of Atlanta practice exclusion during a rodent removal service call, or we can block off access points before you even have a problem. All you have to do to make your wildlife problems a thing of the past is contact us today.

Trapping Equipment for Professional Screening gable vents and Soffit vents.
Patching Soffits, Dormer Corners, Roof junctions, Siding and Roof Holes with Galvanized steel mesh, and caulking to match the existing aesthetic.
Covering roof vents and power fans.
Installing buried wire, and underground fence.
Chimney capping.
Chew resistant caulking

Our Licensed Nuisance Trappers, at Wildlife Removal Specialist of Atlanta,  are standing by to take your call, 404-640-0169. Currently offering 250.00 off Full Wildlife Exclusions. Discount may not be combined with other coupons or Trappers Discounts.

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