Partial Wildlife Exclusion for Squirrels

A restored attic view

Will a partial exclusion work to get rid of squirrels from my attic?

If you are having problems with squirrels getting into your attic, a partial Wildlife Exclusion will sometimes work for grey squirrels. If you are having financial problems, this is the least expensive way to get your home animal proofed. A partial wildlife exclusion is the sealing of one specific area of your home. Let’s say you are hearing animal noises in your attic, above your bedroom at night. Our Licensed Nuisance Trappers will seal that area of your home / structure. In some cases this works, but seven times out of ten, once the squirrel finds comfort in your home, and is entry point has been sealed, he will then just go to another location of your home, and chew his way back in. At Wildlife Removal Specialist of Atlanta, we will credit a partial wildlife exclusion, to a full Wildlife Exclusion, if the partial exclusion is not successful. We are know in Atlanta for sealing your home down like Fort Knox, making your home 100% critter proofed. Currently offering 10% off all Full Wildlife Animal Exclusions. Our Trappers are standing by to take your call, 770-895-6202 and for Emergency Services, 404-640-0169.

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