How to keep Squirrels from getting into your home…

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How to keep squirrels from getting into your home…

Spring is here, and so is Squirrel Mating season. Nobody likes squirrels in their attic, as they cause damages to your electrical wires, chewing up everything in the attic, and leaving urine and feces in your insulation. This is why it’s best to keep the squirrels out!! The best way of keeping them out, is to inspect your attic and home, for any opening / entry points. If there are entry points, they need to be sealed with special steel, and wildlife caulk. If squirrels have already made it into your home, you will first need to install a one-way exit tunnel and get rid of the squirrel from your attic first. As if you trap the squirrel in the Attic, it will cause immense damage and could cost you thousands to repair. At Wildlife Removal Specialist of Atlanta, our Trappers are on-call 24/7, and are also here for Emergency Services, 770-895-6202.

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