What is the cost for a Wildlife Exclusion?

Wildlife Exclusion Work

What is the cost to have a Wildlife Exclusion on my home – attic ?

When pricing a Wildlife Exclusion on a home, the first thing we do at Wildlife Removal Specialist of Atlanta, is have our Trappers come out, and measure the lineage footage on your home. At this time, the Licensed Trapper, will walk around your home, measure it, and count the eaves. The price per Lineage Foot is 10.00 to 20.00 a foot. This price includes the Professional installation of Galvanized Steel, and special Wildlife Caulking, all around your roofline, and eaves. The price difference of 10.00 to 20.00, all depends on the home/structure. Is the home a 1 story ranch, on flat land, or a three story home, on a large hill. Would the work be able to be completed using a standard ladder, or would we need to work on 40 foot ladders. Would we need a lift? The average price to have a Wildlife exclusion / Animal Proofing of your home, in Atlanta is approximately  800 to 1500. Our Trappers are standing by to take your call, 770-895-6202.

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