Identify Animal in the Attic

Here are some ways to identify the type of animal that may be in your attic:

1. Listen for noises: Different animals make different noises. Listen for scurrying, scratching, thumping, or vocal sounds to identify the type of animal.

2. Look for tracks or droppings: Look for tracks or droppings in the attic or around entry points. This can help identify the type of animal based on the size and shape of the tracks or droppings.

3. Check for damage: Different animals cause different types of damage. Look for chew marks, gnawed wires, or shredded insulation to identify the type of animal.

4. Use a camera: Set up a camera with night vision in the attic to capture images or video footage of the animal.

5. Hire Wildlife Removal Specialist of Atlanta: If you are unsure or uncomfortable identifying the animal on your own, consider hiring one of our Licensed Nuisance Trappers. They have the experience and expertise needed to identify the animal and safely remove it from your attic.

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