How to get rid of mice, and how to tell if you have mice?

Mice in your home is a serious health hazard, and demands immediate attention! It’s actually not that difficult to tell if you have mice. When you open your kitchen drawers, you will see rodent (mice) droppings in your silverware drawer, gross!!! Below is a picture of mice droppings. What we do for mice in the kitchen is – set traps, and complete a crawlspace, or basement Exclusion. This includes the process of sealing ALL gaps, cracks, holes, and vents, so the mice can not get back into your home. We then come back, remove & replace the mice traps, until they are completely gone! Mice can be quite tedious to get rid of, and this is definitely not a do it yourself project. Our Trappers are standing by, to take your call!

Rodent droppings

Mice Droppings

Hearing Noises in the Attic all Night long?

If your hearing animal noises in the attic at night, you most likely have flying squirrels. You will hear them rolling around, all night – like they’re playing a game of dodgeball! Flying squirrels can be quite tricky to get out on your own, because they’re much smaller then the average grey squirrel. Unlike regular gray squirrels, that chew their way in; flying squirrels are small enough to squeeze their way in through the smallest crack in your roofline. This is not a diy project. Call today to schedule your complimentary attic inspection, a $149.00 value!

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What kind of damage can Squirrels cause in the attic?

Squirrel Damage and Repair – When a squirrel finds it’s way into your attic, if not removed promptly, they will start chewing on your electrical wiring in the attic. This can be extremely hazardous, due to all of the insulation lying around in your attic, and is a fire hazard. If you have furniture stored in your attic, you may also find it has been gnawed on. If you have a squirrel infestation, and have had it for a while, you may start hearing the squirrels going up and down your walls. This is when squirrel damage and Repair can get very pricy. If you have squirrels in your attic, it’s best to remove them promptly!

How to tell what animal is in my Attic?


How to tell what animal is in my attic? The best clue, is when and where you are hearing the animal sounds in your attic. Are you hearing loud noises all night long, like some critters are having a party, or playing a dodge-ball game? Then you most likely have flying squirrels. Are you hearing loud banging noises in the attic? Then you most likely have raccoons. Below, is a brief breakdown of Nuisance Wildlife Animal Noises.

Squirrels: Daytime noise, especially in the morning or evening. Fast scampering, medium volume, usually in the attic, but sometimes the walls, and often the eaves, and vents. Their not as loud with one squirrel when it’s just the first female, but when the young grow large enough, you hear the pitter-patter from the babies.

Raccoons: You will mostly hear loud noises at night. You will hear heavy walking or thumping, like someone is walking around in your attic. If the raccoons are mating, then the adults will actually squeal. A nest of baby raccoons has a very distinctive noises.

Rats: Nigh time only, especially shortly after sunset. Light scurrying and scampering, maybe some scratching. You may also hear fast running up or down the walls.

Mice: Like rats, but a lighter noise. Though in actuality, the acoustics of your home, thickness of walls, presence or lack of insulation has more bearing on volume than animal size.

Bats: They are very quiet, but if there are enough of them, you’ll hear them chirping after sunset.

Flying Squirrels: They are nocturnal, and the sound’s are loud, like they’re playing dodge ball, or having a party.

Birds: Flapping sounds, and chirping. Most of the sound will be during the daytime.

Still not certain? Give us a call today, to schedule your Free Attic Inspection ($149.00) Value!

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What company should I call for squirrels in my attic?

Here’s a little tip that we learned from a recent client. Yes, there are a lot of Wildlife Companies out there, a lot of which are new.

When choosing a Wildlife Company, or any company for that matter; compare the bad reviews! That’s right, did someone not show up for an appointment, or did a company take the customers money, and not get rid of the critters – that makes a huge difference. Is the company licensed, are they accredited with the Better Business Bureau.

These things are especially important, when having a Wildlife Exclusion (because it is pricy). The exclusion is only the start of it. You need to know, that the company will come back out, if and when the critters (squirrels, Rats, Bats, raccoons, etc.) get back in.

We are Atlanta’s top rated Wildlife Control Company, due to our quality, price, and Responsiveness to all of our Clients.

We are Angie’s List Certified, and have an A+ Rating with the BBB, that’s a whole bunch of awesomeness!

Book your appointment online today, and let us solve your wildlife control needs!

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Do Bats Bite?

Do bats bite? Absolutely, this picture was taken today, in Buford, GA by Trapper, Cory P. As you can see in the picture. The bat is trying to bite through the Trappers protective glove. The bat entered our customers home, through the chimney. We removed the bat, and sealed the chimney cap. Our team of Wildlife Contol Experts, always know just what to do! Having bat problems? Book your appointment online today, and let us solve your wildlife problems. Our Trappers are on-call 24/7/365!

Bats In Your Gable Vents

One of the problems that home owners face after bats have been removed from their Atlanta, Georgia home is attic damage. Bats living in an attic or Gable vent will contaminate your insulation with their bat guano, urine, and the mites that they carry. This picture was taken on 11/23/3019, by our team of Wildlife Control Experts!

Wildlife Exclusion Work

Wildlife Exclusion work is the only Effective way in keeping the critters out for good.

“What animal noises am I hearing in the attic, in November?” The answer is probably ALL Critters – Roof Rats, Squirrels, Flying Squirrels, and Raccoons (typically not bats in the winter).

This is due to the January-like, cold spike in temperatures in Atlanta, Georgia. Animals are desperately trying to find a warm home, for themselves and their babies! Schedule your appointment online, and receive a Free Attic Inspection, a $149.00 Value!

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Rodent Exclusion Methods

Picture taken 11/12/2019

Some of our Rodent Exclusion Methods, are sealing all cracks, gaps, and holes to prevent re-entry of pests, such as flying squirrels, grey squirrels, bats, and rats. This is a long term effective way of keeping animals out of your attic! The picture above was completed by our team of Wildlife Experts, on 11/12/2019.

At Wildlife Removal Specialist of Atlanta, we have high insights of every aspect of Rodent Exclusion Services, all the way down to the sealants (and the important difference between these Elastoplast products and caulks, which are not well-suited for wildlife exclusions).!

Rodent exclusion services has to be done with precision, and meticulousness. We have a great team of Trappers, that are standing by on-call 24/7, or you can book your appointment online now!

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